Woman, 33, has no intention of upgrading her ‘Netflix/Blu-ray player’

Sarah’s beloved PS3 has given her almost a decade of Netlifx and Disney joy.

One of the big items on sale this Black Friday will be the four-year-old Playstation 4, which, according to fairly scrupulous sources, will be available for $200 ($100 off). This precipitous decline in price comes amid rumors that the 5th generation Playstation may be released as early as next year.

But all this means practically nothing to Sarah N., 33, a friend of The Hard Time, who wrote us saying, “I just don’t understand why anyone would need to upgrade their PS3, even at $200. I mean, mine still plays Netflix and Blu-rays just fine.” When asked if she ever used her game console to play games she said, “No, but I think my younger brother did once. That’s not something I really know much about — I got this thing as a Christmas present, honestly.”

Given that her ‘Netflix/Blu-ray player’ is nearly 10 years old, she admitted that she’ll have to replace it at some point. “I have noticed that it runs a bit hot”, she says, “and in the past couple of years it’s begun to make a few noises I haven’t heard before. Sometimes it sounds like a bear with the flu.”

Sarah’s story got us thinking: what proportion of owners don’t actually use their Playstations to play games? Sadly, after a bit of research, we couldn’t find a reliable number, but we suspect it’s higher than most would guess.

So what happens when Sarah’s old PS3 finally does give up the electronic ghost? “We’ll see,” she says, “if the PS4 is under like $100 by then, I’ll have to seriously consider it.”


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