Wisconsin man hands out flash drives instead of candy for Halloween

What, you don’t want flash drives for Halloween? What’s wrong with you??

Dan Millworth of Madison Wisconsin won’t be handing out boring old candy this year; no sir, he’s got something much better in mind: 2 GB flash drives. Oh, what a terrible idea you say? You’d rather have candy? Well, yeah, but it’s perhaps not as terrible an idea as it initially sounds.

“These aren’t just blank flash drives” Dan said, “I’ve actually put some effort and thought into this. Each flash drive comes loaded with crucial ‘life-resources’, as I call them.” Sounds intriguing.

“Yeah, so, what you’ll find on there is some tax preparation advice and examples forms, an excel spreadsheet for learning how to budget, basic home buying and maintenance advice, a list of in-demand occupations and skills, and a few other goodies.”

Not entirely unaware of how odd this is going to look to concerned parents, Dan is well-prepared to address questions. “I know parents are going to be wary of something like this,” he says, “heck, I would be too if some stranger was giving my kids a mysterious flash drive. Who knows what could be on there.”

“But”, he adds, “it won’t take parents but a few seconds to confirm the wholesome intention of my gift.”

Creepy, yes. Strange, yes. An absolutely terrible idea? Perhaps not.

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