As weather turns cold, wife warms up to bitcoin mining rig

We feel ya, Mary; cryptocurrency miners are great for cold hands.

“She certainly wasn’t crazy about it back in June when I put this thing together,” said Herbert Moore of his wife Mary, after constructing his first make-shift bitcoin mining rig during an early-summer heat wave. “But now that the weather has begun to cool down she’s really coming around.”

“In fact, just last Friday I came home and she had her feet propped up on it.”

Herb, who hasn’t had a whole lot of luck with Bitcoin, recently switched over to mining Ethereum instead. “It simply wasn’t profitable,” he said, “and even if it was it would not have been worth the nagging.”

When asked what hardware he was running Herb was rather vague, saying “A friend sold me a couple RX 470s he had laying around, and I bought a few more on Ebay. I saw a tutorial online and just sort of threw everything together.”

Even small mining rigs can pull a lot of power, resulting in some undesirable monthly utility bills. “Yeah I’ve got a 1,600 watt PSU in there”, he says, “it might be overkill but you never know.” Herb isn’t sure exactly how much he’s spending per month, but he estimates maybe $20. “That should give me maybe a $500 profit per year”

“Herb is always doing little geeky projects like this,” says Mary, “but I think this is the first time I’ve both literally and figuratively warmed up to one– I’m okay heating the house and making a little money at the same time.”

That’s all well and good as fall turns to winter, but what happens when it warms back up again? “There’s always the garage. It leaks a little, but I guess we can finally get that fixed with the mining money… right hon?”

Herb frowned.

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