Virginia man wishes he could stop collecting floppy disks

floppy disk collectionLee Thompson, 43, of Lynchburg, Virginia wishes he could stop collecting floppy disks.

“Everyone thinks because I’m a big retro computer guy, and since I already have so many disks already, I must want more. So that’s all I get these days for birthday, Christmas, or just from random occasions… floppy disks of all kinds. Games, old operating systems, clip art, systems disks, you name it.”

“I also get tons of blank disks these days… 3.5″, 5.25″ inch… and of all types and formats. I don’t even know where they all come from.”

“It was great at first,” he admits, “but after a while I stopped even looking at them… and now I’m practically swimming in floppy disks.”

When asked why he doesn’t just tell people to stop giving him their floppies, and maybe try socks or something, he just shrugged. “I’ve tried. I think it’s selective amnesia or something. Or maybe they just think I’m kidding.”

So how many disks does Lee have at this point? “Well, again, I stopped counting a couple years ago, but if I have to guess I’d say a few thousand.”

That’s quite a collection.

“Some day I plan to pass all this stuff on to my grandkids,” he says, “hopefully sooner rather than later.”


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