Totally gonna run Crysis on ultra with the 110 teraflop NVIDIA Titan V

But can the Titan V run Crysis? Probably, yes.

I already know what I’m spending my $50 of bitcoin profits on this Christmas: NVIDIA’s new second in command, the 110 teraflop, 21.1 billion transistor, Volta architecture, 12 GB “holy sh*t I just spend $3,000 on a video card” Titan V. To give you an idea of just how crazy 21.1 billion transistors is, that’s over twice as many as the 16-core Ryzen Threadripper 1950X.

As bad as this pup is, it’s still not NVIDIA’s top dog; that title belongs to the $10,000 Tesla V100. I’m not sure what people even do with a card like that, other than occasionally run Crysis or simulate the known universe. And that’s really what the Titan V is designed for… well, the complex modeling, simulations, and machine learning stuff anyway. But, yes, you could probably run every game on ultra for the next couple of years as well. You’ll get about a 9x increase in processing power over the beefy Titan Xp (currently selling for $1,299). It also has 35% more CUDA cores than the highly respectable GTX 1080 Ti (3,584 vs. 5,120). There’s definitely diminishing returns when going above the GTX 1080 Ti in gaming, but what else am I going to spend my bitcoin change on?

The Titan V rocket is on sale now. Great stocking stuffer btw.


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