Toronto man claims 3D printer is ‘totally for the kids’ this Christmas

The new must-have item for ‘children’ this holiday season; advanced 3d printers.

Ron Hertzweil totally bought the new 3d printer, stashed away in his garage, as a Christmas present for his two young children. “As I’ve told my wife,” he says “this is for them — it’s not like I would just go out and get a 3d printer for myself to play with. That would be silly.”

Looking a little nervous, Ron went on, “I mean, what would I even do with a 3d printer? Custom latches, drawers, hooks, signs, book marks, bottle openers, engine blocks, Voltron figurines? I really have no idea.”

Curious about what kind of 3d printer would be best for children I asked Ron to tell me more about the machine.

“Well”, he says, “I got a MakerBot Replicator+, so the kids can make just about whatever they want. I’m sure it’s very child-friendly. I want them to release their creativity.”

Currently retailing for $2,500, the MakerBot Replicator+ is not exactly the cheapest option out there. “I know” said Ron, “but I got a good deal on it, and like I told my wife, this is an investment in our kids’ future. Who knows, they could grow up to invent a replicator or something.”

About the wife, what does she think of this plan? “She’s a little leery,” Ron admitted, “but I think she’s coming around. She said I’d have to test it thoroughly to make sure it’s safe.”

“I can probably find the time,” he says.

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