Second monitor added primarily as cat-decoy

Ytterby in his favorite place. 

Dual, or even triple, monitor setups aren’t all that uncommon these days; the extra screen real estate can be a real boon to productivity.

Unfortunately, that’s not exactly the case for Marie Wilkinson of London, Ontario. Her second monitor is primarily used as a cat decoy. “Well, the second monitor I added last month has actually helped with productivity”, she says, “but not in the way you might expect.”

Indeed. You see, her cat Ytterby is quite fond of lying in front of her monitor as she works, which is rather problematic. “He’s got a nice little spot right between my warm monitor and keyboard, and I suppose he just likes the attention.”

“Now, with that second monitor I added, I can finally see the whole screen while Ytterby enjoys blocking the decoy.” As wise people have said for centuries, probably: if it works, it ain’t stupid.


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