PowerColor’s ‘Red Devil’ RX Vega cards kinda neat, I guess

‘Tis this season for wacky, souped-up graphics cards. Just in time for Satan’s favorite holiday, PowerColor is releasing a special “Red Devil” version of the Radeon RX Vega 64/56 graphics cards. In addition to a triple-fan cooler design to improve heat dissipation, the cards will feature a custom back plate, three BIOS modes including silent and OC for enhanced gaming performance, and, naturally, fancy red LEDs for that devilish look.

Under the hood, the cards will feature an enhanced clock speed; the Vega 64 will run at 1607 MHz (compared with 1546 MHz base) and the Vega 56 at 1417 MHz (1247 MHz base). As with the standard Vega models, the cards also feature 8 GB of HBM2 memory and 4096/3584 stream processors.

While the cards sound cool enough, the Vega has really struggled against NVIDIA’s line-up. The Vega 64 is designed to compete with the GTX 1080, with a similar price tag, but in most gaming tests the 1080 has proven to be the decisive winner (especially at 1080p and 2k). And for smooth 4k gaming, or VR, most gamers will opt to jump up to the 1080 ti. The Red Devil, expected to be unleashed in early December, isn’t likely to make up much ground.


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