Pac-Man suit sure to be a hit with the ladies

PacMan suit coming to a ModCloth near you, we hope.

Sure, you could wear a regular old suit to your holiday parties this season, but why the heck would you do that when you could wear a Pac-Man suit instead??

Yes, it would seem that the boutique online clothing shop ModCloth, known mainly for their quirky-hipster fashions, will be offering a Pac-Man-laced men’s suit just in time for the holiday season. I can see it now… all the geeky ladies are going to swoon over this one.

But given that there’s nothing official about this on their website and only a vague Facebook post to go off of, I really hope ModCloth isn’t pulling our collective legs… why would they play with my emotions like that?

Now if only we could get a whole line of video game-inspired suits… ’cause that’s just what I need, a complete wardrobe of these things.


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