NVIDIA’s GTX 1060 might get a 5 GB variant that no one asked for

Ready for yet another version of the GTX 1060? Well it’s probably coming anyway.

Rumor has it that NVIDIA is preparing to release a 5GB variant of its popular GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card to fill the gap between the existing 3GB and 6GB versions. Why NVIDIA has decided to do this (if indeed they have) is anyone’s guess.

It seems they are trying to cover just about every price point with nary a $50 mark unfilled. Given the current retail price of the 3GB and 6GB versions, the 5GB variant should average around $300. But it sounds like it won’t be available in the U.S., at least not initially; the Asia-Pacific region will get first dibs.

The card will feature the usual compliment of 1280 CUDA cores, 80 TMUs (Texture Mapping Units) and 48 ROPS (Raster Pipelines), but will feed on just 75W, reducing power consumption by as much as 45 watts if the rumors are true. This means that the card could be powered using only the PCI-express port, with no need for additional power connectors.

The power savings alone could make this card quite attractive at the $300 price point, particularly in the Asian region right now where PUBG is all the rage. PUBG can run on a 3GB 1060, but the performance gain from a slightly pricier 5GB version would be worth it to most players. Though 5GB GTX 1060 is of no interest to me, particularly with NVIDIA’s next generation Volta cards right around the corner, for the right niche it could be worth a look.

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