Star Wars themed Titan Xp graphics card will look great in my Christmas-themed rig

With the release of Star Wars episode 8 just around the corner, nothing can escape the Disney marketing machine it would seem, including our beloved computer hardware. NVIDIA has climbed on-board the hype train with a Star Wars-themed collector’s edition of their high-end Titan Xp graphics card.

Naturally, the card comes in two themed varieties representing the two sides of the force: glowing red for the ‘Galactic Empire’ and green for the ‘Jedi Order’. The blowers are also branded with the appropriate symbol.  At $1,200, both cost the same as a vanilla Titan Xp, which will continue to be sold alongside the special edition.

Looking underneath all those flashy LEDs, NVIDIA’s Titan Xp is a beast of a video card, but not significantly better than the much cheaper GTX 1080 Ti (at $700-800). For several demanding applications, including high performance gaming, the two cards are almost neck-in-neck. In fact, it’s been shown that you can expect to pay between $100 and $200 for each percentage point gained in gaming performance by choosing the Titan Xp over the 1080 Ti.

For rabid Star Wars fans the slight performance gain may very well be enough … at least that’s what NVIDIA is hoping. As for me, this happens to be great timing: I think I’ll take one of each so I can finally complete my Christmas-themed rig.

The force-insensitive cards will be available from NVIDIA on November 17.

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