NVIDIA aiming for the sweet spot with the GTX 1070 Ti

the GTX 1070 TiGood news for you upgrade procrastinators!

On the heels of AMDs Vega release this past August, NVIDIA will offer up an updated Ti version of its venerable GTX 1070 on November 2.

This is generally seen as good news for lazy and/or patient NVIDIA fans, since the 1070 Ti will come surprisingly close to matching the performance of it’s big brother, the GTX 1080, and at a more reasonable price point of $450. The 1080, for comparison, is currently selling for about $550-$600.

The price/performance ratio is no doubt looking pretty darn good to gamers who have been on the fence about upgrading their series 700 or 900 cards, and haven’t yet jumped on the Vega bandwagon.

Interestingly, the 1070 Ti and 1080 will be so close in performance, the Ti’s main rival may be in fact be NVIDIA’s flagship card. Let’s take a look at the specs side-by-side:


 10801070 Ti1070970
Process16 nm16 nm16 nm28 nm
Core Clock1607MHz1607MHz1506MHz1050 MHz
Boost Clock1733MHz1683MHz1683MHz1178 MHz
Shading Units2560243219201664
Memory Capacity8GB8GB8GB4 GB
Memory Clock10Gbps GDDR5X8Gbps8Gbps7Gbps


With nearly as many cores and the same base clock speed, it’s clear that the 1070 Ti will be right on the 1080’s tail in terms of performance. To a gain significant boost in power you would have to move up to the 1080 Ti (currently priced around $800-$900). With such a wide gap in price, the 1070 Ti will no doubt corner the high-end-but-still-budget-conscious market. This may be bad news for the slightly higher-priced but similarly performing AMD RX Vega 56. Heck, it might even give the Vega 64 a run for its money.

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