New Jersey man ‘highly disappointed’ in Civ VI after playing 6,000 hours

Oh crap, you’ve met another civilization. Time to start over.

Roger Eggland of Bridgewater, New Jersey can’t believe he’s been suckered into playing over 6,000 hours of Civilization VI since its release a year ago despite the game being a massive disappointment.

“The game is barely playable”, says Roger, “The AI is dumber than a sack of hammers, and I can’t seem to not irrevocably piss off like every civilization I ever encounter.”

When asked how the game compared with the previous installments Roger shook his head. “It simply doesn’t hold up against the classics Civ V or Civ IV, and honestly most of the time I’d rather go back and play Civ III — that game at least was balanced. The AI wasn’t constantly in your face about that one time you didn’t want to trade salt for furs. I don’t need furs, get over it.”

Noting that 6,000 hours is actually quite a lot of time to devote to a single game, Roger was quick to defend himself. “Well, it is a Civ game,” he said, “and naturally I wanted to play enough hours to give it a full and fair review.”

“And there are certain things I do like about the new game,” Roger went on, “particularly the music. They got that right. Also, the wonder animations and narration are quite well done.”

So what does Roger think about the future of Civ VI, and the franchise in general, given that several of the previous games also got off to a rocky start? “Yeah, I mean, that’s a good point: Civ V wasn’t exactly loved either when it first came out and really only became playable after several patches and a couple excellent expansions. But Civ VI feels different. I think it’s got some deep issues that won’t easily be resolved by patches.”

Is it time to quit then and go back to playing Civ V or perhaps even move on to another game?

“Definitely,” said Roger. “I won’t be putting any more than another 2,000 hours into this broken game, tops.”


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