LG to show off sexy 88-inch 8K OLED display at CES ’18

8K is the way to go in 2018. Especially if you have a few tens of thousands of dollars burning a hole in your pocket.

So you finally upgraded to a 4K TV this past year? Nice! But maybe you should have waited just a little while longer; like 1080p before it, 4K will likely be obsolete within just a few years — particularly for the largest displays. Taking its place will be the newest generation of 8K displays, most notably the OLED (not to be confused with QLED) variety, which are both super thin and extremely energy efficient.

Tech nerds from all over the world gather for CES.

LG — the current leader in very big and very thin OLED displays — is said to be preparing their largest 8K (7680×4320) panel to date, an impressive 88 inches (2.2 m), for the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that will run January 9-12.

Though it certainly sounds impressive, 8K probably isn’t desirable in every case. As we discussed previously, extremely high resolution displays aren’t going to make much of a difference if the screen size is modest (especially < 40 in) and/or you are not viewing it up-close (within 5 feet or so). For an 88″ display in your living room, however, you would probably notice an improvement from 4K to 8K. I can also envision an 8K display really shining in a home theater set-up, where the screen is large and space is often at a premium.

Gaming is another area where I see 8K displays taking the lead within just a few years. The limiting factor will of course be graphics processing power; most GPUs today can barely handle 4K in the most demanding games and applications. But the time will come.

Back to that 88″ OLED panel — what I wouldn’t give to hook up a Steam Link/Controller to that beast. But with a retail price likely in the tens of thousands of dollars, I think I can wait a few more years… at least two three.

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