Grumpiness over iPhone throttling turns to lawsuits

What now, your iPhone is slowing down? Oh yeah, that’s on purpose. — Apple

Apple has gotten itself into some trouble these past few weeks, as details about the company intentionally slowing down older iPhone models using software patches has generally not gone over well.

In case you’re out of the loop on this one, Apple has claimed that¬†iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, and SE were becoming unstable (shutting down, locking up, and otherwise misbehaving) due to aging lithium-ion batteries. According to Apple, the software patch was intended to smooth out the processors’ demand on the battery, thus preventing random crashes.

Apple users have generally called bullsh*t on this, arguing that 1) if the battery were the real issue then Apple should have offered to replace them for free rather than slow the phone down, and 2) customers should have been notified of the problem in advance of the software update. It’s pretty clear to most that Apple chose to do neither of these things since slowing older phones instead of replacing batteries would save them the cost of a recall as well as enhance sales by encouraging people to buy newer, faster phones. Brilliant, if only no one had noticed what they were up to.

Today Apple is facing a series of class-action lawsuits aiming to compensate iPhone owners for degraded performance and defective batteries. While the real winners in all this are likely to be the lawyers (per tradition), holding Apple accountable for their naughtiness is always worthwhile.


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