Great Ziggurat of Google to be built adjacent to Mountain View HQ

All hail the Great Google Ziggurat and our mighty Fibery overlords. Source: Google.

Google has announced plans to build a new 1 million square foot corporate temple near its primary headquarters in Mountain View, California. The proposed buildings will feature Sumerian-like slopping ramps that allow employees to ascend, via rooftop greenways, to the pinnacle of the five-story ziggurats so that they may commune with the great Google fiber in the sky.

Location of the proposed Google-gurat.

The ‘Google-gurats’ will be built in nearby Moffet Park, where the company has been buying up real estate this past year valued at $1 billion. The temples will form the center of a larger Google city-state, which is expected to include housing for corporate priests and plebeians alike. This may be good news for current and would-be employees given the excessive cost of real estate in the larger Silicon Valley kingdom.

As Mark Golan, chief of Google’s global real estate investments & development tribe, said, “Housing and transportation are two huge issues for the Valley overall, and they are huge issues for Google. One of the best ways to address this is by creating mixed-use communities that allow people to live close to where they work, which allows for a vibrant community and also helps the transportation.”

When completed in the early 2020s, the Google-gurats will join a growing list of Googleplexes including the ‘landscraper‘ to be built in central London and a Google transit village just west side of downtown San Jose where 15,000 to 20,000 Googlers could work. Indeed, the united kingdom of Google is looking more impressive by the day.

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