Grandma hiding Bitcoin paper wallets all over house

Just another bitcoin wallet… in the fridge. Oh, Grandma. 

“People are quite surprised when I tell them my grandma is super into bitcoin”, said Trey Roberts, 21, of Lexington, KY. “I showed her how to set up a wallet and send coins back in June at the start of the recent boom, and ever since she’s been obsessing over it, watching the market daily.”

Good on Grandma for staying up to date on the latest tech. But this lovely story doesn’t end there. Apparently, her habit of hoarding and hiding cash in strange places around the house has transferred over to bitcoin.

“Grandma grew up during the late years of the depression,” said Trey, “she doesn’t trust banks — which is one very good reason she warmed up to bitcoin so quickly.” “But”, he adds, “she still thinks she needs to squirrel away small amounts of bitcoin, in the form of paper wallets, around the house — under the mattress, in the towel drawer… heck, yesterday I found 0.2 bitcoins in the back of one of the refrigerator crispers.”

We asked Trey if he had confronted her about it. “Yeah I mentioned to her last week, told her it probably wasn’t necessary or even a good idea to just leave these lying around in odd places… but I guess when you’ve been hiding money for so long it’s a tough habit to break.”

Hidden or not, those little pieces of paper are now worth much more than their weight in gold. Perhaps someday, long after she forgets where she hid one of her wallets, someone else will come along and be set for life. Thanks Grandma.


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