Georgia man buys 18 games during Steam sale, plays one briefly

Tom has played 8 minutes of AoE II — more than most of the games in his Steam library.

Tom L. of Macon, Georgia was pleasantly surprised this past Wednesday when he opened his Steam app and noticed there was a sale. “I was looking forward to the big holiday sale Steam has around Christmas each year,” Tom said, “but I totally forgot about their fall sale. Did they even do this last year? I can’t remember.”

Another thing Tom can’t remember is exactly how many games he’s got in his Steam library. “I’m gonna guess at least 200,” Tom said, “and nearly all of them were bought during one of the big sales.” When asked how many of those he actually played, Tom hesitated for a moment. “Maybe half if I’m honest. And very few beyond a couple dozen hours. Every time I think about it I start feeling a little guilty about buying more, but I figure I’ll eventually get around to playing them… some day.”

With a bit of a sigh, Tom admitted that his gaming habits have changed as he’s gotten older. “I probably spend more time now just browsing through Steam or watching people play games than I actually do playing games. It’s a strange realization to come to, but it’s true. I think part of the issue is that, with my job and other responsibilities, I just don’t have the large blocks of time I used to have to immerse myself in an actual game.”

“Maybe when I retire in 35 years or so,” Tom added, “maybe then I’ll have the time to really sink my teeth into a game the way I did when I was in my teens. Until then, I can at least take some satisfaction in building my collection, and even launching a new game on occasion.”


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