Gamer admits he’s not quite sure why he bought a Core i9

The i9 is a beautiful chip for sure, but complete overkill for gaming at the moment.

It’s a lesson as old as time: don’t buy expensive hardware without first doing some basic research. It rarely turns out in your favor.

Chris W. of Buffalo, New York is learning this the hard way. Having jumped on the Black Friday bandwagon last month, he snatched up an Intel i9-7900x processor for a little under $900. “I thought, hey, this is a great deal,” Chris said, “one I simply can’t pass up.”

“I was giddy to finally have the latest and fastest chip I could get my hands on — a first for me. And now I wish I had watched and read a few more reviews before plopping down a month’s rent.”

The 7900X is a great processor for sure, near top of the line in fact, but the actual utility of the chip depends greatly on how you plan to use it. “I have a high end GPU for gaming,” he said,”a GTX 1080 Ti, as it turns out, and I didn’t want a CPU that would bottleneck my new card.”

Understandable. But anyone who’s been paying attention knows that even a GTX 1080 Ti isn’t going to be bottlenecked to any noticeable degree by a half-decent CPU, including the much more reasonably priced i7 8700K ($400), or even the i5 8600K ($290). Right now the i5’s still provide among the best price/performance ratio for gaming, though video editing and the like will see a performance boost with the i7s.

“I’m probably going to swap out my 7900x for a $300 i7-7800X so that I don’t have to get rid of my LGA 2066 socket motherboard as well.” Good call. And what will Chris do with the ~$500 of savings?

“I’ve got some fun holiday dog food and toilet paper to buy,” Chris says.

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