‘Dummies’ books for your favorite IT person this holiday

Though I’ve seen my fair share as an IT veteran, I’m still somehow surprised on occasion at the simple and inane things people cannot figure out on their own. I suppose that’s why there are literally thousands of  “Dummies” books out there covering almost every conceivable issue we humans might face. From that long list I’ve selected a few that are particularly prized in my line of work.

If you wanna mess with that special IT/tech person in your life this Holiday season, I recommend slipping them a “Dummies” book. This actually works even better when you don’t really know the person all that well — the look they make as they try to cover up their bewilderment and disappointment is priceless. Anyway, here are my recommendations:

iPad for Dummies

If they have an iPad, this one works great, and if they don’t have an iPad, this works even better. Now, you may have some older relatives who would genuinely benefit from this book, but that’s much less fun.

Windows Vista for Dummies

Now here’s one that will make your IT friend’s blood boil, but in a good way of course. It’s important to get the adrenaline running and blood pumping every once in a while. If you think this masterpiece isn’t quite potent enough, move right on to the next one.

Windows ME for Dummies

Not sure I need to say much about this one. Besides clippy, Windows ME is probably Microsoft’s least tolerable product ever… and honestly it may bring back some unpleasant and repressed memories, so be careful.

Digital Literacy for Dummies

I have no idea how one becomes a “digital citizen”, so maybe I need this book. But seriously, this one is either going to make your friend/acquaintance/enemy angry or just plain puzzled (like the guy in the cover photo). If this doesn’t float your goat, btw, there’s always PCs for Dummies.

Google for Dummies

You knew this one was coming, didn’t you? Actually, effective Googling is probably among an IT worker’s most important skills. So, uh, I think I might have to look at this one a little closer… for science.

MySpace for Dummies

Last but certainly not least, this dummies is sure to be a winner not just with your IT friend but just about anyone. The only way to make this one better is to buy a used copy; and there you might be in luck since I suspect they aren’t burning up the printers with this masterpiece anymore. Sad.

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