Coffee or Cannon? Intel’s 9th generation Core processors on the horizon

If you can hold out just a little while longer, get past these oh-so-tempting holiday sales, you may just be rewarded: Intel appears to be gearing up to release their first set of 9th generation Core processors, possibly as early as the first quarter 2018. No one knows yet, however, whether this will be a refinement of the current 14 nm Coffee Lake microarchitecture or a shrinkage of the Kaby Lake die to 10 nm. This latter option, code-named Cannon Lake, is perhaps less likely but certainly way cooler.

According to [fairly] reputable sources, Intel’s 9th generation lineup will initially include:

  • Intel Core i3-9000
  • Intel Core i3-9000T
  • Intel Core i3-9100
  • Intel Core i3-9300
  • Intel Core i3-9300T
  • Intel Core i5-9400
  • Intel Core i5-9400T
  • Intel Core i5-9500
  • Intel Core i5-9600
  • Intel Core i5-9600K
  • Intel Core i9-9700K

The Core i9-9700K is rumored to feature 8-cores and 16-threads, though as far as we can gather everything about the 9th generation is still a matter of speculation. More certain is Intel’s upcoming release of new 8th generation Coffee Lake chips, which will include several mobile offerings as well as a few more for the desktop, including:

  • Intel Core i3-8000
  • Intel Core i3-8020
  • Intel Core i3-8120
  • Intel Core i3-8320
  • Intel Core i5-8420
  • Intel Core i5-8500
  • Intel Core i5-8550
  • Intel Core i5-8650
  • Intel Core i5-8650K

Intel is essentially filling in gaps here, much like in previous generations. The unlocked i5-8650K will be the second overclockable Core i5, bridging the gap between the i5-8600K and the i7-8700. While all of these processors need to have their time in the sun before Intel moves on to the 9th generation, it isn’t unheard of for Intel to have two major releases back-to-back. I suspect we’ll see Cannon Lake by the second quarter of 2018 — a good time to buy 8th generation processors at a reduced price or finally make that long awaited upgrade from your 7 year old Core i5-2500K.

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