AMD’s Ryzen sounds like a fungi

The other day I was showing my new Ryzen 7 to my somewhat dull neighbor who promptly said, “isn’t that a fungus”? It really got me thinking ’cause I swear I remember something like that from high school biology. After doing a little homework (aka Google), I came across the term “mycorrhiza”. I’m guessing that’s where this is all coming from, though, admittedly, the two words are actually nothing alike. But they sound, similar, don’t they?

Micorrhizal fungi vs. Ryzen: Both funny sounding, but definitely different.

So what the heck are mycorrhiza since we’re on the topic. Turns out they are a type of symbiotic fungus that grows on the tips of plant roots. I suppose it’s symbiotic because the fungus get free yummies from the ground thanks to the absorbent plant roots, and the plant makes a new friend, or something. See, isn’t it good to learn things?

In the end, I don’t think Ryzen was named after fungi, but I can’t be certain. What do you think?

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