AMD fans rejoice: Ryzen 2 CPUs due out Q1 2018

AMD announcing their latest darling: Ryzen 2. Seems like just yesterday we were welcoming Ryzen 1.0 into this world.

AMD made at least a dozen fanboys’ and fangals’ day today by announcing that Ryzen v. 2.0 (or 2000 series if you prefer) will be released by March 2018. Ryzen’s first sequel will benefit from a die shrinkage down from 14 to 12 nm, allowing higher clock speeds and better power performance. The Zen+ chips are designed to compete with Intel’s 9th generation Core processors, expected to be released in mid-2018.

And, of course, the processors will be compatible with current AM4 motherboards. In fact, AMD has previously stated that the AM4 socket should be viable through at least 2020. New motherboards, like the upcoming X470 will be available, however, featuring the new 400 series chipset design.

It’s unknown exactly what the clock speeds of the new chips will be, but some sources are indicating speeds in the 4.2-4.4 GHz range. It’s doubtful that this will be enough to convince first generation Ryzen owners to upgrade, but the main goal here I suspect is simply to keep pace with Intel as long as possible. AMD’s aggressive roadmap with Zen+ next year, Zen 2 in 2019, and Zen 3 in 2020 is designed to keep Ryzen, and AMD, in the game. 

We can expect Pinnacle and Raven next year… then a bunch of artists in 2019.


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