Amazon Key is totally not creepy in any way, says Amazon

Amazon courier really hopes you don’t have attack dogs in there. Credit: Amazon.

Don’t want to leave your vulnerable Amazon packages out on the front porch any longer? Well you’re in luck! Amazon is quite happy to come inside your home to deliver packages… it’ll only cost Prime members an additional $250.

“Amazon Key” includes a smart lock, key app, and indoor security camera. If all goes as planned, the courier will enter your home using the smart lock, which will activate the security camera, and simply re-activate the security lock after placing the package gently on your bed. Or, you know, wherever they feel like it. There’s totally nothing creepy about this at all, says Amazon.

The Amazon keypad and camera. In no way is this going to be used when Amazon takes over the world.

And just like with delivery drones, it’s not like anything could go wrong. The delivery dude is totally not going to walk in on you singing naked in your living room, or let your speed-demon feline race out the front door. And he/she is most definitely not going to go off camera at any time.

It certainly is an interesting concept. Bold too. Amazon says that their home invasion… I mean, locking systems will eventually allow customers to selectively grant access to “tens of thousands of service providers, such as Merry Maids, Rover and professional services from Amazon Home Services.”

Not that I don’t trust you, Amazon, but I think I’ll take my packages the old fashioned way: rain-soaked on my front porch.


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